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Complex PCI meeting, Eghezée, 22/11/2017

On Wednesday 22/11, at the “Chateau Bayard”, nearby Namur, the meeting "PCI complex: 40 years before AG (Andréas Gruntzig): strategies, complications, radio-protection”, organised by Dr Claudiu Ungureanu, Prof Olivier Gach and Prof Jo Dens took place.

The additional faculty consisted of Dr P. Kayaert, Dr A. Aminian, Dr Q. De Hemptinne, Dr B. Pereira, Dr E. Trang- Ngoc, Dr F. De Vroey and Dr H. Trine.

The meeting was well attended with more than 60 participants present.

The main focus was on practical clinical cases. There were additional lectures on LV assist devices in acute ischemic heart failure and on tips and tricks to limit radiation exposure in complex PCI interventions (both for operator, nurse and patients).

The first topic focuses on complex bifurcation lesion towards several cases presented by Prof O. Gach and Dr A. Aminian and was followed by intense interactive discussion on specific technical concerns in this field (pre- dilatation, wire protection, POT, Re-POT vs kissing balloon strategies...)

In the second session, clinical cases were devoted to heavy calcified lesions, mainly Rotablator’s strategies presented by Dr C. Ungureanu, Prof O. Gach, Dr Q. De Hemptinne and Prof J.Dens who underlined specific indication of the technique in in-stent restenosis cases.

The third part consisted in particular cases of complication, thrombus and/or dissection complication and opened animated discussion about strategies to deal with (presented by Dr P. Kayaert, Dr B. Pereira, Dr E. Trang-Ngoc).

The fourth topic was dedicated on LV assist devices in acute ischemic heart failure illustrated by several practical clinical cases (presented by Dr C. Ungureanu, Prof O. Gach, Dr F. De Vroey and Dr H. Trine).

The final part consisted on a lecture about radioprotection concern in the field of complex coronary interventions.

The interventional cardiologist community jointed at this meeting was an excellent occasion to discuss about practical and technical specificities and issues often observed in this kind of procedures where operators try to reach the final frontier in PCI, and share their experiences with colleagues and friends. In an excellent positive, sympathy and constructive atmosphere, this meeting was an everyone’s recognized success.

Therefore we hope that, in the next future, we will organize this kind of meeting annually based, to allow operators and attendees to exchange their knowledge, tips and tricks.

Thank you and congratulations for the organizers as well for the companies Abbott-St Jude, Terumo and Boston Scientific, which supported the meeting. Close collaboration with companies will remain key to further develop our program, meetings and registry.


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