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BWGIC spring meeting 2018, Call for cases !

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

The BWGIC invites you to submit your most interesting cases to be presented during EUROPCR 2018 and the BWGIC Spring Meeting on 04-05-2018 in Liège (please note this date in your agenda).

What are we looking for?

  • For the Complications session together with the Scottish Cardiac Society on the topic STEMI/Shock during EUROPCR, we need 3 complication(s) cases concerning coronary interventions in the setting of STEMI and/or shock.

  • For the BWGIC Spring Meeting, we need 3 cases for the session “Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges” in any domain of Interventional Cardiology, including coronary interventions, structural heart interventions. We are also looking for 3 cases for the session “PCI toolbox: additional toys (not) to use in the cathlab”: these could e.g. be cases in which the use of an additional device or technique has led to the success of a procedure, or, on the contrary, unexpectedly turned out miserably. Hence, as 9 cases will be accepted for presentation during EUROPCR or the BWGIC Spring Meeting, the chances of acceptance of your submission are high!

How to submit a case? The only accepted format to submit a case is a Word document with a case narrative (description of the case), along with a short list of the images you intend to show (e.g. angiograms + echocardiography). The length of this document should certainly not exceed 1 A4 page, and other formats of submission will not be accepted.

Deadline for submission

All submissions should be sent to before January 15th 2018. We realize this is quite soon, but we need to provide a selection of cases to the organization of EUROPCR soon. Hence, pick a suitable case, write a brief summary and just send it to us. Nothing more to be done at this moment.

The selection process

All submissions will be scored by a jury of BWGIC board members. You will be notified of eventual acceptance by end-January 2018.

Reimbursement of costs

In case your submission is selected for presentation during EUROPCR and you would not be attending EUROPCR anyway, BWGIC will reimburse your train ticket and the registration fee for the day of your presentation.

The BWGIC is looking forward to receive your most interesting cases, to aim for the most interesting sessions with your cooperation!

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