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The BWGIC is a working group of the BSC.

Its goal is the stimulation and dissipation of science related to interventional cardiology in Belgium.


BWGIC Indian Summer Meeting 2024

26-27th September 2024​

Venue: Van der Valk Hotel Mechelen

Agenda and registration available here


How to contact the BWGIC

The BWGIC is a scientific organization.

All interventional cardiologists working in Belgium are welcome to join.

Joining the working group also allows to take part in the four yearly elections of the board.

Questions or remarks can be addressed using the contact form below.

Bedankt! Uw bericht werd verzonden. We trachten u zo snel mogelijk te antwoorden.

BWGIC VZW-ASBL, Rue des Champs Elysées, Elyzeese Veldenstraat 63, 1050 Brussel/Bruxelles

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